TONG SHII INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (established in 1993) was formerly founded in 1980 by Cheng-fang Tea Shop (established in 1980) next to the LAND BANK Of TAIWAN on Gangshan Road, Gangshan Town, Kaohsiung City.

In order to promote the new varieties of tea in Taiwan, in 1982, the Tea Friends Seedling Center was specially established to cultivate new varieties: Taiwan Tea No. 12 (Jin Xuan), Taiwan Tea No.13 (Tsui Yu) and Ching Sing Oolong Tea and other local varieties, providing healthy seedlings to be planted in various tea areas of the province at an affordable price and responsible for technical guidance, most of the finished products of Jin Xuan Tea and Tsui Yu tea are purchased at high prices by Cheng-fang Tea and vigorously promoted in South TAIWAN, gradually opening up the popularity of Jin Xuan tea and Tsui Yu in the market.

In 1993, sensing the rise of TAIWAN BUBBLE TEA market, it is to invest more manpower, material resources, financial resources and other active research and development of bubble tea formula, and cooperate with a number of tea beverage companies, to provide high-quality raw material supply services, has been more than 35 years, widely praised in the industry.

Now led by Dr. LIANG FA CHANG (experience: Director of Taiwan Provincial Dung Ding Workstation,Chairman of Taiwan Tea Association,Chairman of Taoyuan County Tea Business Association), to build a strong lineup of teams and partners, strategic alliances, and advantages in various fields of production and marketing, to push Taiwan tea to the international stage and create a new pattern.