Drink tea for food safety

TONG SHII adheres to 100% natural tea without additives, and uses the most stringent SGS and Japanese inspection standards to test each batch of tea leaves, providing healthy and safe high-quality tea.

Natural ecological tea garden

TONG SHII advocates the use of natural ecological tea gardens to cultivate high-quality tea leaves, do not abuse pesticides and herbicides, protect the soil, and sustainable development.

Invest in social welfare

Dr. Liag Fa Chang served as a teacher in the 4th YeSir Mentorship Program at Yuen Chi University.
Assisted in the successful completion of the "2011 2nd Wongo Cup National Soft Baseball Invitational Competition".
Sponsored Taoyuan County Private Good Home to assist in social welfare charity.
Sponsored the Spring 2013 Northland University Intercollegiate Joint Charity Sale.