The predecessor of Tong Shii, "Cheng fang Tea Shop", was established in Gangshan Road, Gangshan Town, Kaohsiung City, next to the Land Bank Of Taiwan.
Set up a Tea Friends seedling center, specializing in cultivating new TAIWAN tea varieties: Taiwan Tea No.12 (Jin Xuan), Taiwan Tea No.13 (Tsui Yu) and Ching Sing Oolong Tea, providing healthy seedlings with affordable prices to supply planting in Taiwan's tea areas and responsible for technical guidance, most of the finished products of Jinxuan and Tsui Yu tea are purchased by Cheng fang Tea.
In view of the rise of the domestic bubble black tea market, Tong Shii has invested more resources in the active research and development of cold tea formulas, and cooperated with many well-known tea beverage companies and chain catering groups and abroad to develop new products, which are widely praised by the industry.
Won the Cross-Strait Bergamot Zen Tea Summit Tea King Sai Gold Medal Tea King.
In the same year, it was subsidized by the National Science And Technology Association and the Zhongzheng Agricultural Foundation, and the Department of Biological Industry Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of National Chung Hsing University and the Institute of Engineering and Research Institute of Engineering and Research to jointly research and develop a continuous far infrared tea roasting machine, which can be engaged in tea withering, tea drying and baking.
It has obtained the patent No. 175271 of the new type of tea making device of the Intellectual Property Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which has great help and contribution to energy conservation and carbon reduction. Won the Silver Award of the 8th International Famous Tea Competition.
Liang Fa Chang, Chairman of Tong Shii, won the 40th Outstanding Food Entrepreneur Award of Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology. After the joint consultation and decision of the World Tea Federation and the Taiwan Tea Association and the 8th International Famous Tea Appraisal and Competition Organizing Committee, he was specially appointed as a member of the International Famous Tea Appraisal Supervisory Committee.
Won the first prize of the High Mountain Oolong Tea Competition in La-la-Shan Mountain, Taoyuan County.
Sponsored to The Student Association of Business and Management of Tamkang Unicersity of the charity sale.
Chang Liang fa, chairman of TONG SHII, was awarded the Outstanding Alumni of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. Sponsored the 5th and 6th Harago Cup International SoftBall Championships.
Continuous Sponsorship Enthusiastic Promotion of Taiwan Food Science and Technology Association Laureates Association Event Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.
Received the Highest Gold Award from the Japan Green Tea Association (World Tea Ceremony 2015 - Grand Gold Prize). Won the Gold Medal Award in Taiwan Aged Tea Quality Appraisal Competition. Zhongtai Food Co., Ltd. was established and the "Taiwan Tea Culture Center" was established in Pingtung agricultural biotechnology park. ;
TONG SHII Yangmei Factory was established and obtained SGS ISO2200 HACCP HALAL certification.
TONG SHII Zhangzhou Factory was established to serve customers in mainland China.
Alibaba TONG SHII website is online, serving overseas distributors around the world and customers.